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Shaggy’s makes puppy bath time, good clean family fun time. We always receive excellent service and the kids really love being able to get their hands wet and help out. Whatever you need while you’re there, someone is always at your service. When we just don’t have time, Shaggy’s will wash Mackey for us! They can accommodate almost any puppy needs. Thank you Shaggy’s and Staff!

Melanie Froslie and Family

Lucy and Seger

We love Shaggy’s and so do our girls! They especially love the big tubs and the blueberry facials! Getting them clean @ Shaggy’s is MUCH easier than trying to do it at home. The people are so friendly too. You can tell they love dogs. Just like we do!

Thanks Shaggy’s! You are the BEST!!!

~A nice scrub a dub dub in your tub tub really cuts down on the shedding at my place!

John and Cyn Varriano


Brandy is a frequent “customer” at Shaggy’s. She seems happy to be there, loves to greet Kris and Shaleah and always leaves looking like a million bucks. They have used the “bright white” shampoo on her and it really makes a difference. We use Shaggy’s because it’s convenient, they wash or groom and a few hours later, Brandy is ready to go. We keep coming back to SHaggy’s because of the service and terrific way they handle our Brandy.

Nicolle Aukland

Gunner and Jake

Our experience at Shaggy’s was fantastic! The two big puppies at our house shed enough to clog our home drain if we bathe them there. The fact that we got to wash them and walk away, and return home to a clean bathroom was perfect! The staff was friendly and helpful, our dogs felt and smelled great, and they are still shiny and clean looking one week later. I’d recommend SHaggy’s to anyone!

Lynn and Amy

Daisy and Dafney

Shaggy’s is great because it’s convenient and affordable! The people there are always friendly and helpful. Most of all, I love being able to take my dogs to a place that they are calm and comfortable which makes giving baths a breeze!

Molly LaPash

Teddy the Goldendoodle

We absolutely LOVE Shaggy’s!! Teddy will be 2 next week and we have been loyal customers of Shaggy’s. We live in WF & tried another groomers close by and it was our last. The staff at Shaggy’s treat Teddy as their own. They do an AWESOME job grooming!! We are never unsatisfied when we leave. Thank you Shaggy’s, you guys are truly the BEST!!

Robert and Jessica Balboa

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Grooming by appointment only. Walk ins are welcomed when space is available.

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