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Self serve wash

Includes choice of different shampoos and a conditioners, cotton balls & ear cleaner, apron, towel, blow dryer, and combs & brushes for use.

No appointment needed for any Wash. Grooming by appointment.

Small - $17.00
Medium - $20.00
Large- $22.00
Ex-Lg -$25.00 - $30.00
Blueberry facial (optional) - Free

“We Wash” for you.

Drop off your dog while you’re shopping! Includes choice of shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, and an ear clean!

No appointment needed.

Small - $25.00 - $29.00
Medium - $31.00 - $35.00
Large - $ 35.00 - $40.00
Ex-Lg - $ 40.00 & up
(long haired, double coat breeds may have a up charge for extended brushing time) 


(Prices are subject to change on breed of dog)

Tea Cup - $40 & up
Small - $45 & up
Medium - $55 & up
Large - $70 & up
XLarge - $85 & up

Grooming services include:

  • full body hair cut
  • wash and dry
  • nails clipped (add filing for $5)
  • ears cleaned, hair plucked
  • glands upon request


Nail Trim $13.00
Nail Trim and File $18.00
Paw Trim $13.00
Flea & Tick Treatment $12.00
De-skunk Varies on each dog, ask for quote.
Teeth Brushing $7.00
Glands Expression $11.00
Shed-less Treatment Varies dog to dog ask for quote

Bulk Pre-pay Gift Card Discounts

  • Purchase $50 Gift Card and receive $60 in services
  • Purchase $100 Gift Card and receive $120 in services
  • Purchase $200 Gift Card and receive $240 in services
  • Purchase $500 Gift Card and receive $575 in services

Daily Specials


Senior & Military Discount Day $3.00 off per dog.(need to tell us)


Yappy Hour $2.00 off 4-7(SAY its YAPPY HOUR!).

Additional Discounts

Adopt a pound pooch: Get a Half off self wash bath for your new pooch. Must have proof of adoption papers and also be within 1 month of adoption.

Now offering Online Appointments

Grooming by appointment only. Walk ins are welcomed when space is available.

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